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Glenn Williams loves to write on subjects that are thought provoking, inspire soul searching, and encourage spirited debate.  His travel often takes him to national parks, where  he loves to photograph wildlife, landscapes and nature scenes.  He strongly believes in the law of attraction and that what one projects in life is what one receives in return.  He also lives by the mantra of “Spread Good Energy and Pay It Forward.”

6 thoughts on “About The Author

    1. Thank you so much. There is just so much injustice regarding this entire hunt, from start to finish, I feel I need to speak out. And the FWC Commissions seem to care nothing about conservation or wildlife, unless it is to their benefit. They are not representing the people of Florida, nor the desires of the people of Florida.


  1. I agree there is so much injustice for these wildlife animals and how sad people can go along with the majority even if they feel it’s wrong to murder these voiceless animals. There has to be a better way to change the way it’s being handled today. They deserve a place to live without the fear of being killed too!


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