Welcome to my new blog.  In thinking about what to call this blog site, I wanted something other than my given name and surname; something that would capture the essence of this blog and something that was also catchy.  So, I came up with Libra Lionheart.  “Libra”, represents the zodiac sign of my birthday, and “Lionheart”  just sounded right.  A lion heart describes someone that has the swagger of a titan and the inner strength of the most fiercest species of the animal kingdom- a lion. But, I also chose this word to honor and memorialize Cecil the Lion – as his story inspired me to write again and re-ignited my writing spirit and passion…something that I had lost some time ago.

I also wanted to add a tag line to my blog and selected the Edmund Burke quote “No one made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little” as a reminder to myself and to my readers that everything you do, no matter how small, can and does make a difference in this world.  And I hope that in some small way, my musings, stories, and comments may make a difference in this world; and hopefully, a positive difference.

Although many of my articles and narratives will hopefully be thought provoking and will encourage the reader to look deep within his or herself, I also hope to add a little humor, and perhaps some general observations of something I may be thinking that day.  I also hope to contribute to this blog on a daily basis in an effort to keep it fresh and entertaining.  So, I hope you enjoy and welcome your thoughts, comments and spirited debate.

5 thoughts on “HELLO WORLD!

  1. Alex

    Thank you so much for starting this blog, Glenn. It is a fantastic way to keep the memory of Cecil alive and to continue the evolution toward change for all the species with whom we share the earth. I have heard it said that people have “dominion” over animals, I’ve heard others say we should not be considered “stewards,” but it is clear that humans have the power to change things and to learn to live in balance with nature, not try to destroy it. It is humans who have poisoned the planet and caused this mass extinction that we find ourselves hurling towards and we’re the only ones who can change it.

    The Edmund Burke quote you chose is inspirational because too often people will not even attempt to change any wrong-doings they witness for fear that they can’t change anything. So many of us feel so powerless and so we do nothing. Sometimes it keeps a daily reminder to keep us going. It seems like a constant struggle.

    I look forward to your future blogs! All the best to you, and THANK YOU!


    1. Thank you Alex. So while I know the Bible references man having dominion over the animals, I know good and well that dominion does not mean running roughshod over the animals and doing whatever we want to do. It definitely does not mean that, and I think that this might be a really good blog topic to address. I strongly believe that we are here as stewards and it seems that we have failed miserably. I was a great admirer (and still am) of Wayne Dyer and and he coined the term EGO as meaning “edging God out”. But whether a reader is super religious or not religious at all, the point is that if it weren’t for the ego, most of our problems would not exist. It is that driving force to be better than everyone else, to be more powerful than everyone else, to be richer than everyone else that often contrasts directly to our role as stewards. I’m hoping to build a following and play on that theme throughout my posts; and who knows, maybe it will make a difference. Thank you, thank you so much for the kind words and thank for following me.

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      1. Alex

        Very well-stated! The belief that humans have dominion over animals is a destructive way of thinking, it seems to me, and is an attempt to separate us from all other species. We have been trying to separate ourselves from the natural world for who knows how long, seeking evidence that purports to elevate Homo sapiens above all other species and denying our connection to other life forms in the process. In light of that, I do believe we have a responsibility to act as stewards, conserving and protecting, since we are the ones who have destroyed so much already.
        I am also a great admirer of Dr. Wayne Dyer, a man who I believe was one of the greatest spiritual teachers of all time. It is true that our ego is behind the destructive actions of humans. We have to find a way to temper the ego and coexist with nature and become more enlightened rather than continue on this path of destruction. It seems like an insurmountable goal, but it is people like you who will make a difference. Thank you!

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  2. Sheryl Schroeder

    I am so thankful to have found this blog! Someone shared it on Facebook, where I am a member of several Cecil, anti-hunting and animal rights page. Reading your entries moved me to tears. There is something unexplainably special about Cecil and his power to move and change the world. I used to be a social activist in my 20’s. I quit it long ago because my passion sometimes undid me. It has been 30 years since I was an activist and Cecil awoke something in me and I’m back, both fists swinging, working every day to combat the people who would hurt, maim and murder these beautiful animals. I’m even planning a trip to Africa, (on a waitress’ salary) in 2016. Your blog is so well written and it flows seamlessly. You have found a way to express all the things in my head and my heart in a much better way than I could have and your words and the quotes you cite resonate deeply with me. I hope you don’t mind if I share your blog far and wide. I believe in the Butterly Effect, and I’ve seen evidence of it in motion since July, when this story broke. Thank you, and please, please keep writing and working for change.


    1. Sheryl – your response actually brought tears to my eyes…I really felt the emotion in your response. And I am so flattered and overwhelmed at the many positive comments people have made regarding my writing style and content. Honestly, I did not know I had it in me, and it was Cecil that seems to have re-introduced me to my writing passion. I have just committed myself everyday to do something positive…whatever that may be….toward positive change for Cecil, for the lions, for wildlife, for the environment, for us…because we are all in this together. Thank you so much. And for you, or anyone that reads my posts, if you have an idea for an article, please don’t hesitate to tell me. I’m always looking for new ideas and hope to post something…if not everyday…at least every few days. I’m so overwhelmed to see so many people doing so much to make positive change in our world. Spread Good Energy…Pay It Forward.


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